Fresh Full Cream Ayrshire Milk 2L


Our Fresh Full Cream Ayrshire Milk is pasteurised and homogenised. Woolworths is committed to bring you the best in everything. That's why since 1987 we have made it our business to know each and every farmer that supplies our Ayrshire milk. Our Ayrshire milk is routinely tested and our farms audited guaranteeing that our cows are not treated with rBST hormones, ensuring the credibility of our rBST free claim at all times. 

Our new milk bottle looks the same and feels the same, in fact, it has exactly the same characteristics as regular plastic, and it’s 100% recyclable. But there’s more to it. 30% of this bottle is plant based ( Verified ASTM D 6866); made from Brazilian sugar-cane, a renewable raw-material source that reduces our dependence on oil-based alternatives. Better still, the plant-based plastic used for this green Bottle has carbon negative footprint. We think it’s quite incredible, and we’re proud to take this next step in our Good Business Journey. We hope you’ll join us in making a real difference to the planet with this Green Bottle, a first for dairy SA.

  • rBST Hormone Free
  • Source of calcium



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  • 20026875