Three fresh ways with avo on toast

There’s no denying it: we just can’t get enough avo toast. We’ve got three ways with this delicious meal – the original, the brunch footlong and the Instagram contender. Which is your favourite?


The original:

Sometimes simple is best: add sliced, halved or mashed avo to toast; drizzle with a splash of lemon juice (this keeps the avo from going brown), season with salt and pepper, and sprinkle with breakfast seed mix for a little crunch.

The brunch footlong:

Take a long rustica loaf and halve it, then toast to your preference. Top with micro greens, smoked salmon, poached eggs, roasted tomatoes, and of course lots and lots of avo. This works perfectly as brunch toast for the whole table.

The Instagram contender:

Toast slices of sourdough and ciabatta. Top with beetroot hummus, scooped avocado, smashed peas, fresh pesto and add some pea shoots.

Ready to make some avo toast?