How to build the perfect cheeseboard

Here’s a secret to adulthood: the key to building the best cheeseboard is to simply keep on adding more cheese. It helps to play with texture and colour, and you can go to town with preserves and even fresh fruit, but really – it’s all down to not skimping on the cheese.


How to build the perfect cheese platter:

- You will need some cheese, like Camembert (drizzled with honey) or crottin (which is a mild, soft goat’s cheese) served with preserved green figs in ginger syrup.

- To take things up a notch, score the Camembert, and bake it with the honey until hot and melty. Scatter fresh blueberries and serve while still piping hot.

- Next up: You’ll probably need some more cheese. A good blue cheese like Stilton should do the trick. Also, it’s a good idea to add something meaty, like a delicious selection of charcuterie.

- To add more bite, pile on some fried haloumi, olives (for a touch of umami) and salted almonds (for crunch).

- Finally, bring in some colour and a sweet element by adding fresh figs and blueberries. (If there is a better combo than figs + blue cheese + Parma, we have yet to discover it.)

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