Travel the world with our global menu

Introducing: our new Global Menu range. We’ve travelled the world to bring you globally-inspired street foods and flavours – with a local twist. From curries to noodles, dumplings to burritos, we’ve got you covered for a yummy night in, so you can stay home, and feel like you’re eating out.

With winter on our doorstep, there are few things more comforting than a fragrant dinner to look forward to.


Try these aromatic meals, brimming with global flavours:

In the mood for curry?

To our wide range of curries, we’ve added a variety of tempting new dishes. These include exciting new curry soup bowls: a red curry and coconut soup bowl with chicken breasts, sesame, coriander and noodles; and the rice balls with miso soya broth soup bowl, which includes noodles, edamame beans and shredded cabbage. You can also sink your teeth into our new chicken katsu curry, made with deep-fried crumbed chicken strips, flaked coconut, pickled veggies and jasmine rice. And then there’s the yummy beef panang curry, consisting of slow-cooked beef in a thick curry sauce, lifted by fresh pineapple, basil and mint.

Perhaps a stir-fry or some noodles?

Expect loads of Asian flavours on the menu this winter. Pick and choose between a spicy chilli basil prawn noodle dish with fried red peppers and spring onion, or Korean-style BBQ beef short rib with rice noodles and cabbage salad. And if you’re in the mood for some dumplings or bao (steamed buns), try our new pork bao buns with miso mayo and pickled veggies, or the fragrant chicken dumplings soup bowl – chicken dumplings in a pork broth, with spring onion, shredded cabbage and red chilli. Yum!

Fancy a ‘trip’ to the Americas?

If you’re hankering after some American comfort or a bit of Tex Mex spice, consider the yumminess of our pulled pork mac ’n cheese (yes, you read right, we put pulled pork in there!) or the warm flavours that fill our chicken burritos – tortilla wraps with chicken, rice, beans and a nice dash of salsa, sour cream and spring onions.

Ready for winter now?