How to choose the perfect towel

A super absorbent, fluffy and self-indulgent towel can make or break a relaxing bath or shower experience. Buying the wrong towel can mean your skin feels scratchy, while the towel soon loses it’s softness and remains damp after use. If you’re looking to raise the bar in your bathroom, we give you the inside scoop on our great towel range. 
  • Know your towels

    Towels are made from a variety of fibres with cotton being the most commonly used fibre as it’s soft, fluffy, naturally breathable and super absorbent. Even so, there are various types of cotton towelling to choose from when choosing your towels. These include:

  • Everyday Towels

    Our Everyday towels are made from responsibly sourced pure cotton and are colourfast and fade resistant. Hard-working towels that are wonderfully absorbent and will stay looking new wash after wash.



    Brights Cotton Bath Towel

  • Textured Towels

    Our textured towels are made from responsibly sourced pure cotton and they're colourfast, asbsorbent and fade resistant.


    Textured Chevron Bath Sheet

  • Studio.w So Soft Towels

    These soft, absorbent towels are crafted with threads that have only been ever so slightly twisted, greatly reducing the towel's drying time and perfect for a touch of luxury.  Made from responsibly sourced cotton, these towels are more absorbent and fade resistant.

    Madison Check Bath Sheet

  • Studio.w Bamboo Cotton Towels

    Made from a blend of 40% bamboo and 60% cotton, the bamboo towel is a much more durable fibre providing a stronger, longer lasting towel, which means they will need to be replaced less often. Besides being a highly sustainable fibre, the bamboo plant has a natural defence to ward off bacteria and fungus. Bamboo towels have the same anti-microbial and anti-fungal effect, which keeps them cleaner with less washing. Blended with cotton, these towels are silky soft, colourfast and fade resistant.

    Bamboo Cotton Bath Sheet

  • Egyptian Cotton Luxury Towels

    The extra long fibres of this superior yarn are renowned for their softness and durability, creating highly absorbent towels and giving the Egyptian cotton yarn a luxurious reputation. Our Egyptian cotton towels are thick, indulgent and fade resistant.

    Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel

  • Caring for your towel

    We recommend that all towels should be washed before use, and always follow the care instructions included. Do not use fabric softener and tumble dry your towels on a low temperature to fluff up and open the fibres for enhanced softness.