Try this fabulous chicken tray bake

Who doesn’t love a good tray bake? This one ticks all the boxes – it’s simple, fragrant and super tasty. And why not try something new by using a cook-in sauce as your flavour base? It’s fuss-free cooking at its best.


Introducing, the best ever chicken tray bake, in 10 super simple steps, using our delicious Cape Malay chicken curry cook-in sauce.

Here’s how:

#1 get your ingredients together

#2 simmer Cape Malay cook-in sauce

#3 brown free range chicken thighs in a pan

#4 get your tray ready

#5 add prepared roast veggies (like butternut, baby marrow and red onions)

#6 add the chicken pieces

#7 add cook-in sauce

#8 bake at 180°C for 25–30 minutes

#9 add rice and coriander

#10 love your leftovers – on Portuguese rolls with spicy coleslaw


So good!

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