Pack a very on point V-day picnic

Celebrate the fact that February offers perfect picnic weather by packing a romantic basket for two this Valentine’s Day. Sound a bit corny? Wait till you see these dreamy, super simple treats…


1. Indulge in:

  • Parma ham-wrapped asparagus parcels
  • Seeded rustica baguette
  • Salmon and trout parcels for two

2. Do a little DIY:

Soak Asian rice paper wrappers in water and drain. Add some crunchy summer salad, fill with ready to eat garlic & chilli prawns, and garnish with micro herbs. Roll up and munch away!

3. Mix a little drink

Take Woolworths Ginger & Lime Flavoured Sparkling Water, and top with strawberry and mint flavoured syrup. Add lemon wedges and pomegranate rubies. So pretty!

4. For dessert, indulge in some sweet Woolworths Valentine’s treats:

  • Milk chocolate hollow hearts
  • Cutie pies
  • Valentine’s nougat
  • Chocolate bears
  • Valentine’s sprinkle marshmallows
  • Rose in a bottle for a romantic touch