Smart new ways with wraps

The humble wrap is a seriously versatile kitchen addition – we show you three fresh new ways with this staple ingredient. Enjoy these simple but delicious lunch and snack ideas.



1. Falafel snacks:

Cut Woolworths multiseed wraps into smaller circles. (Tip: keep the extra trimmings.) Char the edges slightly, then top with tzatziki or beetroot hummus, warm falafel, fresh mint and crunchy seeds. Ta-da!

2. Creative croutons:

Take those leftover wrap strips and pan fry until golden and crunchy. Serve as delicious croutons on your Woolworths Roasted Butternut & Beetroot Salad. Yum! 

3. Summer nachos:

Cut a multiseed wrap into triangles and grill until crisp. Serve warm, topped with full cream Ayrshire plain yoghurt, ready to eat slaw, cooked corn, cut from the cob, fresh jalapeños and fresh coriander. Enjoy!

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