Tasty ways to fight food waste

Why are you tossing kitchen scraps like carrot tops, lemon ends or slightly squishy berries when you could be creating tasty snacks and drinks? We show you three delicious ways to fight food waste. You’ll be feeling all kinds of virtuous.

Easy-peasy veggie pesto

Wilted leaves like carrot tops or slightly tired spinach leaves are perfect for pesto. Combine 80 g toasted raw almonds, the juice of 1 lemon, 4 garlic cloves, a handful of mixed fresh herbs, 3 cups of spinach, a splash of grapeseed or avocado oil, and sea salt & freshly ground black pepper. Blend until smooth, and voila!

Pro-tip: This is a wonderful dairy free pesto 

Flavoured water & ice teas

Anything goes: softened berries, strawberry tops, cucumber skins, bruised apples, fruit peels, fading herbs, lemon or lime ends. Get creative with your own flavour combinations.

Combine for example:

- Cucumber, apple, herbs and green tea with lemon

- Sage, strawberry tops, soft berries, limes and berry tea

Just add ice, and sip away.

Pro-tip: Great alternative to fizzy drinks 

Make a virtuous veggie broth or stock

Use any leftover veggies – like onions, garlic ends, mushrooms, turnips and celery tops – and pair with a few peppercorns and herbs. Cover with water and simmer for a few hours to extract the flavour. Add leftover chicken carcasses or beef or fish bones for a meatier stock.

Pro-tip: Reducing the liquid delivers better flavour, so there’s no need for salt. 

Did you know that globally, a third of food produced is never consumed and falls to waste? Imagine how many hungry people that could feed. At Woolworths, we’re always looking for ways to reduce food waste in our supply chain, in our operations and in our customers’ homes. The sell-by, best before and use by dates on our packaging are designed to guide you on how to buy and save food.

Furthermore, every night, our staff go through our shelves to find food that has reached its sell-by date, but are still good to eat – these foods are then donated to a wide range of charities. In fact, we donate food to the value of at least R440 million to 1500 charities throughout SA every year! To find out how you can join our journey and fight the good fight.