Store wine like a pro

Not every wine is designed to age for over a decade. In fact, most wines are made "ready to drink" within a year or two after they hit the market. They don't improve with time but these wines are by no means low quality. You get exceptionally high-quality varieties. It just means they weren't made to age. If you don't have your own wine cellar or wine cooling system and just enjoy a good bottle, take note of these super storage tips to keep your wine fresher for longer. 


  1. Keep it cool

    Temperatures higher than 21°C will age wine faster. It's okay if the temperature fluctuates a little but constant fluctuation could result in "cooked" wine which can cause flat aromas and flavours. The ideal temperature for the average bottle is between 7 to 18°C.
  2. Keep out the light

    Why do winemakers use coloured wine bottles? Because they're like sunglasses for wine. Light, especially sunlight, can degrade and prematurely age your wine. It's best to store your wine in a place that doesn't get direct sunlight. 
  3. Keep it upright or horizontal

    Traditionally, wine bottles are stored on their side. The reason for this is to keep the liquid against the cork to ensure the cork doesn't dry out. You don't want oxygen getting in there is you've spent a small fortune on a bottle. But if it's a plastic cork, screw cap or sparkling wine and you plan to drink it in the coming months, it can be stored vertically. 
  4. And vibrations?

    Some wine purists believe shaking a bottle or vibrations can affect the taste of wine. The jury is still out on whether or not this is true, but steer clear of constantly disturbing bottles or aggressively shaking them.