Going on a road trip with baby? We've got some tips

Travelling with little ones doesn’t have to be an intensely stressful experience. You already know all the little things that make your child happy and keep her content while en route. If you’re looking for extra suggestions, try some of these tricks to help make your trip a little easier for everyone: 

Pack a bag

Have the best baby bag with you in the car – not the boot. Be prepared to keep your child busy by packing in all the food you might possibly need, an assortment of toys, books, and any other items your child is attached to. Bring her favourite music or a CD of nursery rhymes.

Don't forget the toys

Have appropriate toys within reach, remembering that in a car travelling at speed, anything that has hard corners can become a hazard. You shouldn’t give your child heavy objects such as clunky toy trains or objects with sharp edges to play with while you’re driving. To keep a baby entertained you may want to consider buying a toy that attaches to his car seat.

Stop regularly

It’s a great idea to make your journey as relaxed as possible. Taking regular breaks to stretch your legs and catch some fresh air is a great idea for the entire family. The driver should certainly take a break every two hours to avoid fatigue.

“We've taken our twins on holidays to Cape Town, KwaZulu-Natal and the Kruger National Park and each experience has left us with some really good and some not-so-good memories. Doing a 20 hour drive with 15-month-old twins could spell disaster for some, but we’ve generally had really good experiences. The biggest saving grace is that we follow their normal bath routine and then put them in the car to fall asleep as we leave, giving us a good head start on the drive before they wake up again. As morning hits, we make sure to stop every two hours and give them a chance to stretch their little bodies.” – Christine Kenny, mother of twin boys and blogger at The Kenny Family. 


Timing is key

Leave at the best time of day, taking into account nap times, so that your baby or toddler will sleep for all or part of the trip. Make sure your children are always in the shade and comfortable - consider the temperature inside and outside the car when dressing your child ahead of a trip. See our list of everything your baby needs.

Take snack breaks

Treat your trip as an exciting family adventure and remember to have all your baby essentials on hand, and start by stocking up on your baby's favourite snacks. Don't feed your child in the car seat while on the road. Little one can choke very quickly, even when drinking a bottle or out of a sippy cup. Rather plan your stops for when your little one needs a drink or feed. Why not think of the journey as a succession of leisurely roadside picnics? 

Plan ahead

Attitude, careful planning and patience are everything when travelling. Whether you’re out on a day trip or off on a long holiday. The key to a successful road trip is to stay calm. Any tension in the car translates into stress. If your child does become upset, do not allow that to cause you to become stressed as well. Take a deep breath and have a happy journey!

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