Keep calm, baby!

There is no doubt that keeping your little one content takes some experience – they all have their unique likes and dislikes. You’re the world’s foremost authority in soothing and calming your own baby, because you love them more and know their habits and little quirks better than anyone else.

No matter what advice others may offer, never doubt your own expertise in this department. There may come a point when you do run out of ideas, however – it’s happened to all of us, even the most accomplished parents. If that happens, taking a new approach may just work, so why not try some of these simple tricks to help your baby stay cool, calm and collected: 

  1. Baby massage

    There's nothing more soothing than a mom or dad’s gentle, loving touch.
  2. Smooth music

    Find music that calms you and chances are, it will also calm your baby. You will notice your baby relax. This works very well for older children who are irritable, too. Try some well-known lullabies and nursery rhymes. “Routine is key! Babies thrive on it by learning that when x, y or z happens it's nap time or quiet time. This really did help me with all of my kids.” – Laura le Roux mother of four and blogger at Harrassed Mom.
  3. Sing a song

    Your baby has loved the sound of your voice since before birth. Don’t worry – she doesn't care if you can't hold a tune.
  4. Get moving

    Take your baby for a walk in the stroller or a drive around the neighbourhood. Movement will often soothe an irritable baby. Baby carriers or slings are also perfect for this. Why not try some gentle baby exercises, too? Lying down, slowly cycle his legs, open and fold the arms or gently roll him from side to side.
  5. Let's get out of here

    Getting out of the house is great for baby – and you!. Try to take him to places with trees or running water. Hearing the soothing sounds of nature may well capture his attention and lull him to sleep. Getting some fresh air and a change of scenery is never a bad idea.

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