Who earns more? The new age dilemma

Breadwinner wives are on the rise and we know that for a lot of men, this new wave of change may make them feel inadequate and emasculated, often resulting in arguments from their mounting frustration.

In recent studies men were shown to applaud their partners for helping with the finances but were not always enthusiastic if they become the breadwinner. Here’s how to make it work when she earns more:

1. Do not apologise if you are the one making more money. You should be proud of your accomplishments. But it is time to talk, listen and be sensitive to your partner’s feelings.

2. Be honest and open with yourself and your partner about how you feel about your situation.  Open communication on the subject will help reassure your partner and it will deeper your connection as a couple.  

4. You’ll both need to eventually realise that it doesn’t matter who makes the most money. What’s important is working together to meet your needs as a unit.