The Flexitarian Cookbook
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Want to do more for the planet, but not ready to commit to a rigid regime? Then this book is just the book you need. It caters to those cooks who are somewhere between carnivore and vegan, and doing their best to reduce dairy, meat and fish consumption. For these so-called flexitarians, their choices are less about a strict way of life, and more about an organic attempt to eat a mainly plant-based diet. 



  • This cookbook has a collection of modern recipes and comfort food classics, which feature simple adaptations that make them suitable for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and meat-eaters. No longer will you have to juggle between multiple cookbooks or haphazardly hash together a meaty ending to a recipe depending on your appetite or cravings.
  • Includes recipes for breakfast and brunch, snacks and lighter plates; salads and sides; soups and stews; pasta, noodles and rice; oven bakes.

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  • 9781432310769

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