Patio Monstera in 23 cm Covered Pot
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What is a house without a Delicious Monster? This house plant with it's lush foliage is iconic and the perfect antidote to not being able to walk in the forest right now. Create your own urban jungle at home and see your living space come to life.


  • Keep in bright but indirect sun either indoors or in the garden.
  • Keep soil moist and allow to dry out between watering, taking care not to overwater.
  • The plant can be kept indoors, on the patio, or in the garden


  • ±40 cm in height
  • 23 cm diameter plastic pot with pot cover
  • Needs space to grow out and is a creeper so will grow attached to pillars or poles
  • Monstera Deliciosa


  • The leaves of this plant are poisonous, keep away from children and pets. 
  • Use gloves when cleaning or handling this plant.


  • We love local: 90% of our flowers and plants are grown in South Africa.

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