Long Life Fat Free Milk 250 ml
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Our long life fat free milk has gone through a UHT process and is locally produced in the Eastern Cape.


  • 250 ml
  • Fat free
  • Halaal
  • Kosher
  • Vegetarian with milk
  • UHT Process
  • Once opened keep refrigerated.


  • Farming for the Future takes our farmers on a journey to make responsible decisions about irrigation, fertiliser and pesticide use, based on real-time measurement and science.
  • The bigger picture: Through the installation of bio-fuel boilers, we have reduced the need for electricity required to produce the steam for the high temperature manufacturing process, in our factory.
  • Water usage: We recycle our water used in production and the residue from the process is reused as fertiliser.
  • Please recycle: Our Tetra Pak carton is locally recyclable. It is made from more than 80% renewable resources.


  • Although the greatest care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of product information on our website / APP, product recipes and ingredients change from time to time. Therefore, it is recommended that this information is used as a guideline only and that product labels are read with care.

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