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This clear self-tanning aerosol spray delivers an even, natural-looking tan that develops over 8 -12 hours. Formulated with erythrulose for a longer-lasting tan and skin conditioning Aloe Ferox Gel to ensure your skin stays hydrated during the tanning process.

The clear aerosol product does not contain a colour guide which means no colour transfer onto clothes and bedding. The absence of an instant bronzer ensures you have no initial sticky feeling and a faster tan drying time. A naturally golden tan. No streaking, quick-drying, easy to apply, all-over tan the safe and healthy way. A self-tan can last up to 10 -14 days if maintained correctly.

Shade A is best for a fair complexion that burns and does not suntan easily. Shade B is best for a medium complexion that burns sometimes but can tan. Shade C is best for a darker complexion that rarely burns. Caribbeantan is water soluble.

It is vital to choose the colour that closest matches your natural skin colour for a gorgeous tan.



  • Erythrulose
  • Aloe Ferox Gel



  • Nourishing
  • Moisturising



  • Exfoliate and shave for at least 6 hours before applying self-tan.
  • Apply petroleum jelly or aqueous lotion to nails and dry areas like ankles, knees, and elbows.
  • Shake the can.
  • Hold the can upright, approximately 25cm away from the body.
  • Start applying from the legs (spray the feet very lightly) up the abdomen and back and then finish at the wrists.
  • Make a claw shape with the hands and spray very lightly.
  • Shower after at least 8 - 12 hours and use Caribbeantan Body Butter at least every second day to keep the skin moisturising and prolong your tan.


  • Apply tan in the bathroom on a dark towel.
  • Tie up hair.
  • Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing after tanning.
  • Do not bathe for extended periods; rather, shower.
  • Do not swim for long periods.
  • Water soluble - will wash out of most bedding and sheets.
  • If nozzle clogs, lift off, rinse thoroughly with hot water, and replace
  • Do not spray upside down.



  • 200ml
  • Cruelty-free
  • Paraben-free

  • Product code:
  • 506438178

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