Mini Nail Polish
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Mavala nail polish formula contains ingredients that have been carefully chosen. The mini colour allows for easy application, a perfect adherence, a long-lasting shine and hold. The mini nail polishes let nails breathe and are also animal cruelty free. Mavala mini colours have been designed to minimise solvent evaporation. To avoid this inconvenience, all bottles are 5ml so you can use the whole bottle with no waste. The small size makes it an ever-ready companion for all circumstances. All Mavala nail polishes, base coats and topcoats are worry-free containing none of the usual toxic chemicals found in nail polishes. Choice of shades for all tastes and all styles, worry free.



  • Apply a base coat to nailbed, then 2 thin layers of your Mavala nail polish.
  • Finish off with a topcoat and allow to dry.
  • To obtain the right amount polish, remove excess by carefully wiping the stem and brush inside the neck vertically.
  • Clean neck after use if necessary.
  • Close bottle securely.



  • 5ml
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan friendly



  • Mavala

  • Product code:
  • 505794698

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