Temperature Control 6-18M 300ml 2 Pack
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These Nuk bottles have temperature control indicators to ensure that the milk is served at the perfect level of warmth. They're designed with soft silicone teats that are modelled after a real nipple so your baby can still have natural suckling movements. 



  • Teat: silicone
  • Bottle: polypropylene
  • BPA-free



  • NUK



  • 6-18M
  • 300ml
  • 2 pack



  • New in the NUK range – NUK Temperature Control to help parents achieve the optimum temperature for more safety when feeding their baby
  • The temperature of the contents of the bottle makes it change colour: if the food is too hot, the normally blue indicator will turn white
  • Right for the jaw, particularly soft silicone teat
  • 300ml: 6-18 months M (medium feed hole = for formula)
  • Clinically tested*: for an optimal combination of breast and bottle feeding

  • Product code:
  • 505730146

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