First Choice Plus Extra Large Hole Teat 6-18M
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Give your baby the first choice in feeding with the Nuk silicone teat that has an extra-large hole to prevent reflux. It's designed with soft silicone that will fit gently in their mouth and is modelled after a real nipple so they can have natural suckling movements. 



  • Teat: silicone



  • NUK



  • 6-18M



  • Naturally shaped to fit the jaw: modelled on a mother´s nipple as she breastfeeds
  • As soft as possible: for a familiar feeling while drinking
  • Helps prevent colic: the improved Anti-Colic Air System
  • Fits all NUK First Choice Bottles and NUK Breast Milk Containers
  • X Large Hole Teat (for reflux formula)

  • Product code:
  • 505700160

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