V15 Detect™ Absolute Cordless Vacuum
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The most powerful, intelligent cordless vacuum. Dyson reveals microscopic dust. Automatically adapts suction power.

Scientific proof of a deep clean.



  • Dyson reveals microscopic dust: The most powerful, intelligent cordless vacuum.
  • Measures microscopic dust particles: A piezo sensor continuously sizes and counts dust particles – automatically increasing suction power when needed.
  • Scientific proof of a deep clean: The LCD screen shows what’s been sucked up, displaying real-time scientific proof of a deep clean.
  • Dyson Hyperdymium™ motor: Powerful, lightweight digital motor spins up to 125,000rpm to suck up microscopic dust and large debris.
  • Root Cyclone™ technology: 14 scrolled cyclones generate forces of up to 100,000g to capture dust and debris from the airflow, so there’s no loss of suction.
  • Energy-dense battery: Each Click-in battery provides up to 60 minutes of fade-free power to clean here, there and everywhere around your home.
  • Multi-stage filtration: Dyson’s fully-sealed filtration traps 99.99% of microscopic particles and allergens as small as 0.3 microns – and expels cleaner air.
  • Carbon fibre filaments: Black anti-static carbon fibre filaments to extract fine dust from hard floors.
  • Digital Motorbar™ cleaner head with hair removal vanes: Powerfully sucks up dust and hair from all floors. Detangling comb automatically clears hair from the brush bar.
  • Automatically deep cleans carpets: In Auto mode, Dyson DLS™ technology inside the High Torque cleaner head monitors brush bar resistance 360 times a second, intelligently adapting power across different floor types.
  • The power to clean anywhere: The versatility of Dyson cordless technology makes cleaning your home easier. Powerful cleaning of floors, hard-to-reach places and mattresses.
  • Illuminated cleaner head: 25cm-wide cleaner head engineered with soft nylon and anti-static carbon fibre filaments to remove dust from hard floors and narrower gaps. With a low profile to reach further under furniture.
  • Three power modes: Auto mode intelligently adapts, with the optimum balance of power and run time. Eco mode provides a longer run time for bigger cleans, while Boost mode is engineered for short, intensive cleaning.
  • LCD screen: Reports performance in real-time, including second-by-second run time display – maintenance alerts, power modes and battery life.
  • Easy to maintain: The filter and Fluffy™ brush bar can be washed, and the bin and tools wiped clean, to remove dust build-up and help optimise your Dyson vacuum’s performance.
  • Click-in battery: Remove and replace at the press of a button to double your run time (second battery available to buy separately).



  • Fluffy Optic Cleaner head: Soft Roller cleaner head for hard floors with an angled beam to reveal hidden dust and detect the particles you can’t normally see – so you don’t miss anything.With a low profile to reach further under furniture.
  • Digital Motorbar cleaner head: Stiff nylon bristles remove ground-in dirt from carpets, and soft anti-static carbon fibre filaments remove fine dust from hard floors.
  • Quick-release combination tool: Two tools in one – brush and wide nozzle. For simple switching between tasks.
  • Quick-release crevice tool: Designed for precise cleaning around edges and narrow gaps.



  • To always get the best performance from your machine, it’s important to clean it regularly and check for blockages. 

Look after your machine

  • If your machine is dusty, wipe it with a damp lint-free cloth. 
  • Check for blockages in the cleaner head, tools and main body of your machine. 
  • Wash your filter regularly and leave it to dry completely. 
  • Don’t use detergents or polishes to clean your machine. 

Look after your battery

  • To get the best performance and life from your battery, use Eco or Auto/Med mode. 
  • Your machine won’t operate or charge if the ambient temperature is below 5°C(41°F). 
  • This is designed to protect both the motor and battery. 

Your serial numbers 

  • You can find your serial numbers on your machine, battery and charger. 
  • Use your serial number to register. 
  • For more information and support for your machine go online: www.dyson.com/support



  • Sprayed Yellow/Iron/Nickel
  • Additional features: Wand length 655mm, Motor Wattage 660W
  • Warranty period: 2 years
  • Bin capacity: 0.54L
  • Battery voltage: 25.2 volts
  • Charge time: 4.5 hours
  • Motor type: V10E+
  • Run time: carpet with motorhead - 10 minutes high mode. 40 minutes low mode hardfloor with motorhead - 12 minutes high mode, 60 minutes low mode; without motorhead - 5 minutes high mode, 60 minutes low mode 
  • Post filter: 1 month washable
  • Suction power: high - 249AW; medium - 50AW; low - 26AW AW
  • Noise level: HPSound level carpet - boost mode (Torque) 83dBA, Sound level carpet - boost mode (Fluffy) 82 dBA, Sound level carpet - eco mode (Torque) 76dBA, Sound level carpet - eco mode (Fluffy) 73dBA, Sound level handheld - boost mode 89dBA, Sound level handheld - eco mode 75dBA, dBa



  • Machine height: 154mm
  • Machine length: 990mm
  • Machine width: 271mm
  • Cable length (charger) 1.8m

  • Product code:
  • 508033178

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