Airwrap™ Multi-Styler Complete Long (Special Edition Blue Blush)
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Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler Complete Long in Blue Blush. With a Dyson-designed Blue Blush presentation case and a Dyson-designed detangling comb in Black and Rosé.



  • Coanda to curl: Create clockwise and anti-clockwise curls with one barrel. Enhanced Coanda airflow attracts and self-wraps hair in both directions for voluminous curls or waves.
  • Coanda to shape: Enhanced Coanda airflow attracts hair to the surface of our re-engineered brushes to shape your hair with increased control, for straight styles.
  • Coanda to smooth: Dry, smooth and hide flyaways with one multi-functional attachment. Two jets of air work simultaneously on dry and straight hair to smooth and perfect your end style, with up to 58% less frizz and flyaways.
  • Focused airflow to dry: Powerful airflow quickly rough-dries hair in preparation for styling.
  • Dries and styles simultaneously: with no extreme heat: Some traditional styling tools use extreme temperatures to break bonds in the hair and reset them in a new shape. This can cause permanent damage to the hair. The Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler styles hair from wet to dry using Coanda airflow, not extreme heat.
  • Blue Blush storage case: Protects and neatly stores your Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler and attachments. Finished in Blush blue, cushioned with soft fabric and with a removable lid that is also a non-slip mat for your multi-styler.
  • Style with air, not extreme heat: The Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler harnesses an aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda effect. It uses air to attract and wrap hair to the barrel, or surface of the brush.
  • Powered by the Dyson digital motor V9: The 13-blade impeller spins at up to 110,000rpm, generating 3.2kPa. Powerful enough to produce the air pressure that creates the Coanda effect.
  • Intelligent heat control: Measures airflow temperature over 40 times a second, intelligently controlling the heating element to keep the temperature under 150°C. Preventing extreme heat damage.



  • 30mm long barrels: Create and set voluminous curls or waves in longer hair. With clockwise and anti-clockwise barrels for symmetrical curls.
  • 40mm long barrels: Create and set loose curls or waves for longer hair. With clockwise and anti-clockwise barrels for symmetrical curls.
  • Firm smoothing brush: For straight styles. Firm bristles smooth frizz-prone hair with enhanced Coanda airflow.
  • Soft smoothing brush: For straight styles. Smooths and controls finer hair with enhanced Coanda airflow.
  • Round volumising brush: Add body and shape to hair as it dries.
  • Coanda smoothing dryer: Multi-functional attachment to dry, smooth and hide flyaways.



  • Temperature control: 2 heat settings plus a cold setting to finish your style. The temperature control button is located on the back, right-hand side of the handle.
  • Airflow control: 3 airflow speeds. The airflow control button is located on the back, left-hand side of the handle.
  • Power on/off with cold shot: Sliding switch with cold shot to set your style. The power button is located in the middle of the handle. It is a slider button that pushes upwards and downwards.
  • Removable filter cage: Easy to remove for cleaning - the filter cage is located at the bottom of the handle.
  • LED: If the red LED lights and the filter has already been cleaned, contact the Dyson Helpline. The LED lights are located at the bottom of the handle above the filter cage.



  • Connecting the attachment: Turn the attachment into the main body until it fits securely.
  • Changing attachments: To change the attachment, pull down on the switch to release.
  • Cool touch tip: During use, the Airwrap™ barrels, Round volumizing brush and Coanda smoothing dryer will get hot. To change to another attachment, hold the tip.
  • Take care when handling hot attachments: Hold the attachment only in the area indicated. Some attachments may need occasional cleaning.



  • Guarantee period: 2 years
  • Heat settings: high heat 90°C, low heat 60°C, cold shot 28°C
  • Airflow: 13.5 litres/sec
  • Main tools: Coanda smoothing dryer, soft smoothing brush, firm smoothing brush, round brush, 30mm Airwrap barrels long, 40mm Airwrap barrels long
  • Motor wattage: 1300W
  • Voltage: 220-240V 
  • Cable length: 2.675m
  • Sound level: HP82 dBa



  • 41x48x272mm

  • Product code:
  • 508178172

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