Veet In Shower Cream for Dry Skin 150 ml
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With Veet's in-shower hair removal cream, experience silky smooth skin and a delightful scent while removing hair effectively. It exfoliates and moisturises for up to 7 days of smoothness.



  • For use in the shower on legs, bikini line, underarms and arms
  • Approximately 3 - 6 minutes
  • Before you shower, use the soft, coloured side of the sponge to apply the cream evenly onto dry skin. Don’t rub it in. Make sure the hair you want to remove is completely covered. 
  • Don’t forget to wash any cream off your hands.
  • Wait at least 2 minutes before stepping into the shower.
  • Now continue with your normal shower routine. 
  • For the first 3 minutes, try to avoid putting the cream directly in the water stream, so it stays on long enough to work. It is usual for some cream to wash away at this stage gradually.
  • Now that the cream has been on your skin for 5 minutes, use the white side of the sponge to gently remove a small area of the cream.
  • If the hair is removed easily, massage the sponge in a circular motion to remove the rest. If your hair is more stubborn, you can leave the cream on for up to 5 more minutes – but not longer than 10 minutes with the cream on your skin. 
  • For more sensitive areas use the soft, coloured side of the sponge to remove the cream.
  • Rinse your skin thoroughly with water to remove the cream completely, and then dry. 
  • Make sure the pack is sealed and rinse the sponge and dry it before storage to make sure the cream stays effective.


  • 1 x 150 ml tube and 1 x sponge
  • For dry skin
  • Contains shea butter and lily fragrance
  • Dermatologically tested

  • Product code:
  • 3059944020640

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