Posh Pets Chunks with Chicken in Gravy Adult Dog Food 775 g


Our furry, four-legged customers have let us know they find our Posh Pets food range simply irresistible. Go on, treat your pet to our chicken in gravy chunks and listen to the lips smacking and see that tail wagging in no time. Instant love, really.

We've formulated it:

  • to support strong bones and teeth for robust play sessions in the garden
  • boost the immune system to keep them safe
  • to give them excellent vision for hunting when their instinct kicks in


  • 100% complete balanced nutrition
  • Contains a protein rich nutritional supplement containing all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for your pet's growth and good health.
  • Is for adult dogs
  • Easy open tab for your convenience

  • Product code:
  • 6008000853538