WCafe Kenya Single Origin Coffee Capsules 10 pcs
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Harvested at the peak of their flavour, our seasonal crop coffee beans transform the coffee experience from an everyday commodity to a really extraordinary taste sensation. We carefully select, roast and pack only Arabica coffee beans from single farms, estates and co-operatives around the world. We look for coffees that refelct the unique flavour profile of each producing country and develop realtionships with growers and exporters. From bean to cup, we're passionate about flavour and quality. 

Hu- jambo (hello in Kiswahili) - Diveristy not only describes the Kenyan terrain, but also the people and coffees that embellish the rugged landscape. Rocky outcrops pierce the Kenyan sky and the highlands are laden with red volcano soils producing a universally-known vibrant and complex coffee. 


  • Place in the machine as per manufacturer's instructions.
  • Can be enjoyed as an espresso (40 ml) or as a lungo (110 ml)
  • Store in a cool dry place and do not freeze or refrigerate. 


  • 10 capsules 
  • 100 % Arabica beans
  • Kosher
  • Compatible with Nespresso®
  • Specially produced for Woolies
  • The capsule colour may vary from that indicated on the box.
  • Capsules are recyclable
  • WCafe
  • Origin: Africa
  • Roast: 4 - Dark Roast
  • Taste: Pungent
  • Notes: Cocoa powder, caramelised brown sugar
  • Aroma: caramelised toast


  • Find out more about our coffee capsules here.
  • Our coffee is made with 100 % Arabica beans. Our trained roasting team uses state-of-the-art coffee roasting equipment and a test laboratory to ensure every roast is monitored for quality and consistent flavour. 

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