WCafe Organic All African Espresso Cafe Blend Beans 1 kg
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Our WCafe Organic All African Espresso Cafe Blend Beans has 100% Organic Arabica coffee beans. Farmed in the rich volcanic soils at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, they produce a distinctive washed Arabica bean that is finely balanced and prized for its unique body, acidity, and citrus undertones. The highly prized Ethiopian Sidamo bean is soft-edged, with an underlying floral quality. These two beans combined to create a silky smooth coffee with a subtle undertone of mocha. 

Nothing comes close to capturing the spirit and vibrancy of the African people except a coffee that unites two African beans together in a dynamic blend that will command your attention. This coffee can be described as playful and bright, yet also charmingly complex with a magnificent depth. 


  • Recommended for Moka pots: Please refer to your individual coffee equipment for extract instructions.
  • Plunger or filter machine instructions: Use 1 - 2 tbsps. of medium ground coffee to 180 ml freshly boiled, filtered water. For a stronger cup, add more coffee.
  • The ideal brewing time is 3 - 4 minutes, depending on your preparation method. Coffee is best served fresh, do not reheat.


  • 250 g
  • 100% Arabica beans
  • Kosher
  • Certified organic
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Do not freeze or refrigerate.
  • Roast: 3 - Medium roast
  • Taste: Balanced
  • Notes: Treacle sugar, lime, and wafer biscuit
  • Aroma: Stoned fruits


  • Ethiopia is the African country that produces the most coffee from the African continent and many people believe that when you sip on this coffee, you can taste a bit of Africa. 


    • Although the greatest care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of product information on our website / APP, product recipes and ingredients change from time to time. Therefore, it is recommended that this information is used as a guideline only and that product labels are read with care.
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48 Reviews

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