Mortein Naturgard Indoor Insecticide Refill 236 ml
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The Mortein® Naturgard™ Indoor Automatic Insect Control System helps to control both flying insects and ants when used continuously. Controls flies, ants, and moths. 



  • Use in the Mortein® Naturgard™ indoor automatic insect control system.
  • The stylish mountable unit, should be positioned at the entry point of insects.
  • For continuous control of flying insects and ants in your home, wall mount the diffuser in a suitable location.
  • The system releases a burst of mist every 15 minutes to control flying insects and ants in your home.
  • Recommended rooms include lounge & family rooms, away from immediate food preparation, children activity and pet sleeping areas. 
  • Mount the diffuser at least 2 m above the floor and not closer than 300 mm from the ceiling facing an open area


  • 236 ml
  • Lasts up to 4 weeks, depending on the spray setting, and is equivalent to 58 aerosol cans. 
  • Controls both flying insects and ants when used continuously at floor level.
  • For flies, mosquitos, ants and moths.
  • Mortein® Naturgard™


  • Always wash your hands after changing refills or touching the surface of the system. 

  • Product code:
  • 6001106122768

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