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This magazine is all about motorcycles, gear and travel. Although it is mainly aimed at newcomers to the lifestyle, it also offers something for hard core adventure riders.

Content includes
Brands and models of motorcycles which are divided into 5 categories: Road tourers, lightweight, middleweight and heavy adventure, and unusual bikes people sometimes take on trips.
Also included are

  • which tyre is suitable for what type of journey.
  • how to choose the right type of boots for what type of journey.
  • motorcycle-friendly tents.
  • compact cutlery, crockery and cookware.
  • a typical packing list.
  • large graphic about what gear goes where on your bike.
  • health and safety on a bike, plus riders commenting on mental health during multiple weeks on the road.
  • gallery of attractive travel photographs provided by the biker community.
  • Easy recipes that bikers can prepare in a campsite using compact cooking utensils and baked beans taste test.

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