Ground Cumin Refill 50 g
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A printed paperboard box, containing a clear, heat sealed sachet filled with Ground Cumin. To impart the fullest flavour, one should dry roast the cumin before using in your cooking.  Spices are easily burnt, so be careful not to roast for too long or on too high a heat. Cumin is a typical Morrocan spice, but used a lot in Cape Malay cuisines as well.  It is the distinct flavour which completes a Breyani and a Morrocan tagine and rounds off a delicious curry. Mexican and Creole cookery also make use of this popular spice, being the base of a Cajun spice used on seafood and chicken. Warm, earthy, nutty & aromatic with a spicy taste.

  • Non-irradiated


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