Wax Hoya Kokedama


This Hoya, or Wax plant is a beautiful addition to your plant collection. To prevent it from blooming, hang it in medium light, but if you want to see the porcelain-like flowers it can produce, hang it in a bright sun area. 

Kokedama can be translated as koke (moss) and dama (ball) and describes the technique of wrapping roots and soil in moss. Kokedamas are very easy to maintain and can be displayed indoors or on your patio, either by hanging them, or placing on a flat ceramic surface like a pot plant tray, plate or decorative bowl. Just make sure that the plants are protected against frost and too much direct sunlight.



  • Hang in bright indirect sun to allow it to bloom. – This plant needs bright light to bloom.
  • The Kokedama must be placed in a shallow plate filled with water, once it has dried. – allow the kokedama to drain thoroughly before re - hanging.
  • Keep plants out of draughts to avoid dehydration.



  • ±30cm trailing length
  • 12cm diameter kokedama
  • Comes with a braided wire and hook for easy hanging.
  • One Hoya variety is included.
  • Plant variety delivered is dependent on availability.
  • Carnosa’ ,  ‘aronsa tri-colour



  • We love local: 90% of our flowers and plants are grown in South Africa.
  • Farming for the future: We’re on a journey with farmers to use water, fertiliser and pesticides responsibly.

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