Gravity After Shave Lotion
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Tabac Gravity Aftershave Lotion, inspired by the mystical attraction of space, is a daily care aftershave lotion infused with a modern, masculine scent that features top notes of Bulgarian lavender oil, grapefruit chords and stardust chords.

The new fragrance composition in the Tabac Man series combines enchanting woody and aromatic notes with an unexpected mineral depth. Even from the individual components of the fragrance, you can sense the unmistakable appeal held by Tabac Man Gravity: the sweet yet tart sparkle of grapefruit, the vibrant spiced notes of coriander and the exquisite geranium oil, known for its invigorating effect. The creation of the unique "stardust accord" makes it particularly special: Inspired by the scent of space, the original stardust accord consists of luminous aldehydes, metallic rose oxide, mineral evernyl and powdered musk. A fragrance that takes you on a mystical sensory journey to a distant galaxy.



Top notes: Lavender oil, grapefruit accord, stardust accord
Heart notes: Geranium oil, coriander seed oil, oud accords
Base note: Patchouli oil, musk, tonka beans



  • 50ml



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  • 505986160

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