Travel Set Blue Expert Dry Skin
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GLOV Travel Set for Dry Skin. Includes a GLOV Expert Dry, GLOV Magnet Cleaner & GLOV Quick Treat. Neatly packed in a colourful GLOV cosmetic bag. Use GLOV Expert Dry to remove makeup with just water, GLOV Quick Treat for easy make-up corrections and GLOV Magnet Cleanser to clean the GLOV fibres and your make-up brushes.The cosmetic bag is a lightweight reusable bag perfect for makeup and brushes.The GLOV Travel Sets make the perfect gift! Also available for Oily and All Skin Types.



  • Moisten Glov with warm water
  •  Press Glov to your skin and gently remove makeup using small circular motions around your face
  • Clean with Glov Magnet Cleanser or soap
  • Hang up to dry
  •  Reuse for up to three months!



  • GLOV


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  • 505420576

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