Phyto-Sourcils Perfect Eyebrow Pencil
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A pencil to highlight, correct, or modify the eyebrow's natural shape.

Phyto-Sourcils Perfect is a micro-pencil for the eyebrows. This pencil is high precision and applies firmly, yet softly and is long-wearing. Penciling in the eyebrows is essential for structuring the face and highlighting and intensifying the eyes. Phyto-Sourcils Perfect makes it possible to correct eyebrow irregularities and to gently expand them. enriched with Provitamin B5 and Acacia and Carnauba waxes, this pencil makes the eyebrow bolder while completely respecting the fineness and delicacy of the skin.



  • It glides on exceptionally well ,
  • A comb ending for a flawless finish,
  • A specially designed sharpener with a reservoir.



  • Choose a shade that is close to your hair color.
  • First brush your brows in all directions in order to rid them of make-up. Then, brush your brows upward to open up your eyes.
  • Using light strokes and applying more or less pressure, follow along the brow's natural line, moving from the inside of the eye out toward your temples.
  • Next, blend with the comb for a natural effect. A natural, precise, long-wearing eyebrow make-up.



  • 0.55g



  • Sisley

  • Product code:
  • 505575398

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