A Drop D‘Issey Eau de Parfum Essentielle
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From a drop to a mist, a weightless journey of scents

A Drop d’Issey Eau de Parfum Essentielle by Issey Miyake is a vegan perfume for women that conveys sensations of water drops evaporating through the sunlight.

Throughout its airy, luminous journey, natural scents infuse the mist. The crisped leaves mingle with a poetic floral note and an enveloping musky note.


A Drop d’Issey Eau de Parfum Essentielle by Issey Miyake is a vegan perfume for women infused with floral and vegetal notes. Perfumer Ane Ayo celebrates lilacs, which is the signature note of the A Drop collection. 

This iconic flower of Issey Miyake perfumes is sublimated in an airy, luminous scent. It recalls the poetic, fragrant journey a water drop takes as it evaporates through the sunlight. This new floral scent with 82% natural origin ingredients is an olfactive journey through lush nature. 

A perfume with luminous, vegetal notes

The top notes of this vegetal fragrance are the green, brisk accord of crisped leaves that capture the freshness of the moment. 

In the perfume's heart, the notes of lilac and essence of magnolia mingle in this perfume for women like a poetic, herbal breeze. 

The base notes are light and musky, enveloping like sunbeams that softly warm this new Issey Miyake perfume.

An iconic drop-shaped bottle 

The unique drop-shaped bottle of Issey Miyake perfumes was designed to be laid flat. This offers a new perspective on the world. 

Its white cap takes just a slight press to release this new perfume for women. With a subtle green tint, the bottle recounts the journey of Issey Miyake's drop infused with the floral and vegetal notes that it encounters on its way. This green new drop also tints the cardboard case with a metallic finish. 

A respectful, sustainable natural perfume 

A Drop d’Issey Eau de Parfum Essentielle for women is a vegan perfume composed of 82% natural origin ingredients. In order to minimize the environmental impact of this new fragrance, the Jasmine Sambac and Orange Bigarade of the formula are upcycled ingredients, derived from the waste of the conventional production system. 

This bottle contains 12% post-consumer recycled glass. 

A dreamy perfume ritual

How can you extend your perfume's hold throughout the day and sublimate the trail of your Issey Miyake fragrance? Here are four tips to make your perfume last. 

  • Spray the perfume directly onto your pulse points: neck, nape of the neck, wrists and elbows. 
  • Alternate the number of presses and the areas where you apply the perfume. Varying the intensity creates novelty and is a breath of fresh air for your fragrance.
  • You can also apply the perfume as a generous spray over your clothes.
  • For a long-lasting trail, supplement your perfume ritual with the A Drop d'Issey shower cream and body lotion.




  • Top notes: Crisped Leaves Accord
  • Heart notes: Magnolia and Lilac Accord
  • Base notes: Musky Notes



  • 50ml
  • Eau de Parfum


  • Product code:
  • 507517324

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