Barrier-Base Coat


Dry and delicate nails are particularly sensitive to cleaning detergents, to shocks and abrasions and most of all to water.

Developed for delicate and dry nails, BARRIER-BASE COAT prevents dehydration, splitting, flaking and chipping of these nails and helps nails to retain their flexibility. Its aqueous formula provides to the nail plate moisturizing and restructuring active ingredients from the Proflex complex: calcium, silk amino acids and essential component of keratin. BARRIER-BASE COAT forms a protective barrier between the nail plate and nail colour, prevents yellowing of nails and improves adherence of nail polish.



  • Apply a thin coat over the entire nail plate, which has been previously cleaned.
  • Allow to dry before continuing with manicure. BARRIER-BASE COAT is a base and should be followed by nail polish or by a top coat.



  • If MAVALA SCIENTIFIQUE is jointly used, first apply it, then BARRIER-BASE COAT, nail polish and/or a top coat.



  • 10ml
  • Mavala 

  • Product code:
  • 502804852

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