Little White Lies Liquid Eye Shadow
R 415.00


Unleash the magic of this marbleous liquid eye shadow!

What begins as a carefully crafted combination of two light-catching shades marbleized, magically morphs into one color-flipping shade that shifts as it hits the light. Each pigment-packed shade has a unique combination of color-flip pigments, pearls and shimmer particles to maximize the high-impact, color-changing, sparkle effect.

* Carefully crafted combination of color-flip pigments, a variety of pearls and varying shimmer particle sizes gives the formula a unique color-changing, mega-watt finish.
* Over 40% water in a clear base allows for optimal sparkle and shine with a weightless feel.
* Long-wearing formula with minimal fallout.
  • 4.5 ml 
  • Stila

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  • 504421694