Defining Longwear Eyebrow Pencil
R 780.00


A retractable double-ended brow pen that is easy to apply for impeccably shaped eyebrows and a long-wear result. On one side, its tapered tip defines and colours in the brows with an adjustable thin or thick line. On the other, a spiral brush to groom brows and blend in colour. Its waterproof formula ensures a long-wear makeup result. A combination of pigments and oils for excellent adherence and colour from the first stroke. Natural melt-away film-forming waxes for a long-wear waterproof makeup result.

How to use:

  • before application, groom brows by brushing upwards with the spiral brush.
  • use the side of the STYLO SOURCILS WATERPROOF tip to define the brow shape with a thin line.
  • use the flat side of the tip to fill in uneven areas and intensify brows.
  • blend in colour with the spiral brush.
  • the tapered tip maintains its shape over time and does not require sharpening.
  • easy to remove with DÉMAQUILLANT YEUX INTENSE.



  • Product code:
  • 503945926