Le Parfum Lumiere Eau de Parfum
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The dawn. The time when night meets day, when a ray of light softly glides across the darkness and reveals the golden hues of daybreak. A magical hour, cool and still veiled in silence, when the scents of nature can be detected crystal clear: night flowers that rub shoulders with morning blossom, the sparking notes of citrus fruits, the enveloping scents of woody fragrances.

ELIE SAAB Parfum Lumière captures the sensual sparkle of light. LE PARFUM LUMIERE captures the scents of dawn, when the air is still clear and the dew spreads the notes of flowers and fruits: the sparkling scent of mandarins and orange blossom, and the heady floral aura of white jasmine hedges and yellow ylang ylang.



  • Indian jasmine sambac absolute adds a warm, almost feral, deeply seductive note, filling the air with scents of white flowers while conjuring up the south, North Africa, the Middle East: all those countries where this generous plant blooms, gifting millions of blossoms every year. Jasminum sambac absolute is extracted using a solvent.
  • Ylang ylang is a small flower with six petals, green and odourless when it blooms. A few weeks later, as if by magic, the petals turn yellow and the flower develops a wonderful scent. It is picked early in the morning and processed immediately, distilling all the extraordinary olfactory notes to obtain a precious essential oil.
  • Tuberose is handed down to us by pre-Columbian America, where its intense fragrance was an Aztec favourite. Its white flowers open after sunset, when they release their scent, once considered so hypnotic and even aphrodisiac that it was forbidden to young women. Tuberose actually combines a bouquet of very sensual, feminine scents.
  • Patchouli heart is an oil extracted by fractional distillation from the dried leaves of Pogostemon patchouly, a shrub native to southeast Asia. This method ensures the essential oil is far more stable than the commonly used version, and has rounder, velvetier accents.



  • Available in 30ml, 50ml and 90ml
  • Eau de Parfum



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