Simply Prodigieuse® Gift Set
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Relish the intense sensoriality of the legendary scent of Huile Prodigieuse®. This set contains: Huile Prodigieuse® 100ml, Prodigieux® le parfum 15ml, Prodigieux® Shower Oil 100ml, Prodigieuse® Indoor Candle 70g.



  • Huile Prodigieuse®: 7 precious 100% botanical oils: moisturising Tsubaki oil, repairing Argan oil, nourishing Macadamia oil, smoothing Borage oil, moisturising Camellia oil, protective Hazelnut oil and softening sweet Almond oil. Iconic fragrance with notes of Orange Blossom, Magnolia and Vanilla.
  • Prodigieux® le parfum: A feminine and sunny harmony of warm sand with notes of Orange Blossom, Magnolia and Vanilla.
  • Prodigieux ® Shower Oil: Gentle cleansing base. Mineral-origin golden pearly particles. 



  • Huile Prodigieuse®:  Use Huile Prodigieuse® all year round, winter and summer, on your face, body and hair.
  • Prodigieux® le parfum:  Spray over your skin from a distance of a few centimetres, focusing on your neck and the insides of your wrists.
  • Prodigieux® Shower Oil: Apply to damp skin then rinse off.



  • 100ml Huile Prodigieuse®
  • 15ml Prodigieux® le parfum
  • 100ml Prodigieux® Shower Oil
  • 70g Prodigieuse® Indoor Candle
  • Suitable for all skin types



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