Tender Light Eau De Parfum
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Feel the joy and warmth of sunlight and be lifted to a palace of dreams with this extraordinary fragrance spray that lasts up to 12 hours.

In a burst of pure light be lifted into a palace of dreams. A golden realm of the senses that captures the warmth and joy that sunlight makes you feel. Awakening, illuminating and energizing. Leaving you feeling radiantly alive. This fragrance has a feeling of joyful positivity.

Fragrance Family

Tender Light is an exhilarating Citrus Green fragrance. The lightest, freshest scent in the Luxury Collection, it belongs to our Fresh fragrance family.

An Experience That Stays With You

Thanks to our ScentCapture Fragrance Extender™ technology, the scent is shown in a clinical test to last up to 12 hours after every application. 

A Fragrance That Arouses the Emotions

Innovative testing shows that experiencing Tender Light evokes feelings of joy and positivity in those who are drawn to the scent.       

The Symbolism
Unlocking another layer of wonder, the design features a stylized branch of tea leaves, symbolizing harmony and peace.



  • Take your mind and your senses on an enchanted journey by spraying onto pulse points, or anywhere you like to wear your fragrance.



  • Available in 40ml and 100ml 


  • Product code:
  • 505903226

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