Gentle Renewing Cleanisng Mousse
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Foaming cleansing mousse for all skin types that gently cleanses and smoothes with exfoliating Tamarind pulp extract rich in AHAs.

A lightweight, rinse-off, cleansing mousse for all skin types—with purifying Alpine herbs sourced from our own farm, Le Domaine Clarins, and naturally lathering Organic Saponaria—which allows the formula to be soap- and SLS-free—gently and effectively removes impurities, makeup, and pollution. Formulated with gently exfoliating Tamarind pulp extract, a natural source of AHAs, to eliminate pore-clogging dead cells, leaving skin feeling clean, radiant, and refreshed. Skin looks silky-smooth… beautifully renewed.



  • Gently washes away impurities, makeup, and pollution.
  • Gently exfoliates with Tamarind pulp extract rich in AHAs.
  • Leaves skin silky-smooth, radiant, and refreshed.
  • Naturally lathering formula is soap- and SLS-free.
  • Formulated with plant extracts sourced responsibly from Le Domaine Clarins, our open-air laboratory in the French Alps.



  • Lather: Warm the product between your palms. Add water and work into a lather.
  • Apply: Use the natural weight of your hands to distribute the lather evenly over face and neck.
  • Lift off hands: Gently press onto skin—from the center of face, working outward—to lift off impurities and pollution.
  • Rinse: Splash with cool water and pat dry.
  • Tone: Follow with Toning Lotion.



  • 125ml



  • Clarins



  • Gentian, Lemon Balm, Saponaria, Moringa, Tamarind.

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  • 505584130

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