Moisturising Body Lotion
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The COCO fragrance, true to her nickname, reveals the whimsical, radiant facet of her fascinating personality in an oriental scent with shimmering hues. A moisturising body lotion with the luxuriant and contrasting notes of the COCO fragrance that blossoms with the citrus note of Mandarin, the richness of Jasmine and the enveloping presence of Patchouli.

A moisturising body lotion with the luxuriant  and contrasting notes of the COCO fragrance. Its milky amber beige texture moisturises the skin and coats it in a veil of softness. The ideal way to prolong the oriental scent trail of the fragrance throughout the day. Gabrielle Chanel cultivated the art of paradox. The woman behind an understated, pared-down style that revolutionised women's fashion, she was equally fond of the baroque style, which inspired the decor of her apartment on rue Cambon and her Byzantine jewellery collections.



  • A complete perfuming ritual for bath and body to enhance the oriental-floral fragrance trail of COCO.
  • Smooth the moisturising body lotion delicately over the skin. 



  • 150ml
  • Moisturising body lotion




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