Emery Boards Carded
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Mavala Emery Boards, with high quality wood, very soft and easy to use.Are particularly suitable for fragile nails. Mavala emery boards have two sides with different intensities of grain: yellow: more wrinkled , ideal to quickly reduce the size of the nail, white: with fine grain for protecting the nail.



  • Use the lighter coloured side with long and supple movements, stroking from the edges to the centre to give your nails the shape you wish.
  • To keep nails strong, avoid filing deep into the sides of the nail tip.
  • To finish the work, eliminate any asperity by filing with small vertical strokes, from the top to the bottom and vice versa (bevelling), with the tip of the board.
  • It also allows the nail layers to be sealed again.



  • 8-pack

  • Product code:
  • 502805072

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