Besties Pastel Starter Set
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Put your best face forward with this set of Beautyblender essentials.

The original beautyblender® gives you an airbrushed finish, no pro skills are required. Then keep your tools germ-free with the bestselling sponge and brush cleanser, and nix stubborn stains with the silicone scrub mat.

This set also includes a ventilated pastel pouch so you can let it dry on the go.




  • Wet beautyblender® with water for each use.
  • Squeeze out excess liquid, using a towel if necessary.
  • Bounce powder or liquid foundation, BB cream, or coverup for a flawless finish.


  • Wet Beautyblender.
  • Create a lather by rubbing Beautyblender over the soap.
  • Gently squeeze Beautyblender and rinse again to remove any excess cleanser; repeat if necessary
  • For a deeper clean, bounce your soapy Beautyblender against the raised bumps of the flexible, silicone cleansing pad. This will help draw the soap in and push the makeup out. Works great to scrub makeup brushes too!
  • Air dry Beautyblender in a ventilated area.



  • A Blender, Blendercleanser and Silicone scrub mat

  • Product code:
  • 507220320

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