First Choice Plus Glow in the Dark Baby Bottle 6-18 months
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Good night, parents! Falling asleep again is often even harder than getting up during the night. That's why it is a relief if the light can stay off while bottle feeding. Thanks to the glow-in-the-dark effect of the new NUK First Choice+ Night, the bottle is easy to find in the dark. When feeding, the ring glows so that everyone can see enough without being blinded. Then, afterwards, it is much easier for you to go back to your sweet dreams.



  • BPA free plastic, silicone



  • 6-18 months 
  • 300ml 



  • Now with glow-in-the-dark effect*: easy to find at night – makes feeding at night as easy as possible.
  • Built-in temperature control indicator changes colour when the food is too hot. The normally blue indicator turns white.
  • Natural and right for the jaw, particularly soft silicone teat, 6-18 months M (medium feed hole = for formula).
  • No colic** – the NUK Anti-Colic Air System creates a natural flow.
  • Made of high-quality polypropylene (PP), BPA-free, holds 300ml.

  • Product code:
  • 506269474

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