Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump
R 1,499.00


Take the hassle out of breast pumping with this Medela mini electric breast pump. It's a step up from the manual breast pump as it is small and portable. It is ideal for occasional use.
  • Housing: Polypropylene/PA 66 
  • Shield/Connector/Bottle/Bottle Stand: Polypropylene 
  • Value: Polypropylene/Silicone
  • Medela
  • Convenient: can be operated using only one hand
  • Mobile: compact design and battery operation
  • Ideal for occasional electric pumping
  • Mains and Batteries operation
  • The motor in the Medela Mini Electric is located on top of the breast shield, which makes the pump very compact and easy to operate with one hand
  • The suction speed can be controlled with a dial at the side of the motor
  • The Mini Electric breast pump is made up of only five parts, so cleaning and assembly only takes a couple of minutes

  • Product code:
  • 505337198