Crispy air-fried ravioli

Crumb five-cheese ravioli and cook it in the air fryer – you’ll thank us later!
Cooking Time:5 minutes
Prep Time:5 minutes


  • 1 x 250 g Woolworths Five Cheese Ravioli
  • 60 g South African grated medium fat hard cheese
  • 135 g Woolworths Plain Crumbs
  • 120 g flour
  • 2 free range eggs, beaten
  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to season
  • 1 x 370 ml jar Woolworths Napoletana Sauce, to serve
  • South African medium fat hard cheese, shaved, to serve
  • Fresh basil, to serve

Woolworths is committed to sustainability via our good business journey. Seasonal (and other) products might not always be in stock.

Cooking Instructions

  1. Combine the grated hard cheese with the breadcrumbs. 
  2. Place flour in one bowl and season to taste. 
  3. In a second bowl, add cheese and breadcrumbs
  4. In a third bowl, add eggs and beat until combined. 
  5. Toss the fresh ravioli parcels in seasoned flour to coat, and dip in beaten egg and make sure to cover completely. 
  6. Pat on the cheesy breadcrumbs for a generous crunchy coating. 
  7. Place in your air fryer and set to the vegetable setting or 200C°. Cook for 5 minutes or until the raviolis puff up and are golden brown, crunchy and cooked through. 
  8. Serve immediately dipped into warm Napoletana-style sauce, with hard cheese shavings and fresh basil.  

Get cooking!