In South Africa, the statistics are staggering: 13.5 million* people face the threat of hunger, while one third and a half of the food
produced in our country ends up in landfill. For decades, Woolworths has been working towards creating a positive impact to alleviate
hunger in South Africa, as access to food is a fundamental human right whose absence truly highlights inequalities in a society.
We align with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2 of a #ZEROHUNGER FUTURE by 2030 as one of the ways we bring meaning to our
Inclusive Justice commitment and ensure that we LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND.
*13.5 million - STATS.SA 2022

In order to facilitate food access and empower young agripreneurs, farmers, youths with disabilities, women farmers and
food-stressed communities, Woolworths will continue to support organisations to grow more food and build livelihoods. Join us in giving back.
We have several ways to contribute to The Woolworths Trust to make a difference. Every little bit helps!