How to read our recycling labels

We've adopted recycling labelling on our packaging to help make recycling easier for you. Our labelling is supported and endorsed by the major industry organisations in South Africa, such as PACSA, RecylcePaperZA, Plastics SA, SAPRO, Collect-a-can, The Glass Recycling Company, PETCO, POLYCO, Averda and Wasteplan, and is set to become the standard in the country.

On the back of nearly all our packaging, you'll see a rectangular panel. On the left hand side is information on the source - what sustainable materials are used in each part of the packaging. This section may be omitted if not applicable. And on the right hand side is information about disposal - which elements of the pack are widely recycled in South Africa and which are currently not recycled. It may also provide special care instructions if needed. 

About our Good Business Journey

  • Source: FSC logo

    This FSC logo means the piece of packaging (the sleeve, box, carton, tray, bag, etc.) is made with paper or board from well managed forests and other responsible sources. It is independently certified by FSC Accredited Certification Bodies. FSC™ chain of custody certification tracks material through the production process - from the forest to the consumer.

  • Source: Recycled material

    This icon will let you know how much of the packaging component is made with recycled material. It could be recycled paper, plastic or glass. When we say recycled, we always mean recycled from post-consumer waste (packaging that you might have disposed of to be recycled). For more information on how we’re including recycled content into packaging, click here.

  • Disposal: Widely recycled

    You will see this recyclability icon wherever a product's packaging component is widely recycled in South Africa. It is made of material that local recycling programmes collect and take to facilities where it can be recycled. In some geographical areas its collection might be limited, but you'd need to check locally. For further guidance on where to recycle, click here.

  • Disposal: Not recycled currently

    You will see this recyclability icon when the facilities for recycling this material are not widely available in South Africa at the moment. Do not dispose this packaging component with your recyclables to avoid contamination of valuable recyclable material. Remember, you can always check what facilities are available in your area.

  • Special Instructions

    Special instructions are also provided where necessary to ensure successful recycling, e.g. empty and replace cap, recycle if clean and dry, rinse before recycling, rinse and insert lid, etc.