Pour the perfect glass of bubbles

So as it turns out, there are ways and ways of popping a glass of bubbles, but we’ve got the lowdown on how to do it with the max amount of style and the least amount of spillage.


1) The open:

Hold and twist the bottle, not the cork. First off, hold the top of the wire cap with your thumb to keep the cork in place and untwist the wire. Next, grip the wire cap and cork in one hand while using the other to twist the bottle away from the cork, to slowly work the cork out. 

2) The temperature:

Bubbles is best served between 6°C and 8°C. (This is important – serving the fizz too cold will mean you won’t be able to taste the flavours that are unique to the wine.) A good tip is also to serve the bubbles in pre-chilled glasses.

3) The pour:

Pour your bubbly like a beer – tilt the glass at a 45° angle and pour slowly. This will stop any bubbling over, which nobody wants.

4) The general rule:

Don’t fill your glass to the top. 110 ml is considered one serving – you should be getting six glasses from a 750 ml bottle. Reasons not to over-pour: firstly it could lead to bubbling over (such a waste!) and secondly, you don’t want that big glass of sparkle warming up while you sip.

5) The save:

Between pours, ensure your bubbles remain lively by keeping your bottle on ice. If you don't finish it in one sitting, invest in a good champagne stopper to preserve the bubbles. A good champagne stopper will keep your open bottle fresh for a couple of days when stored in the fridge. If it does go slightly flat after a few days, you can always use the remains for some champagne cocktails.